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The SGNY Group in New York partners with many companies in the healthcare, biopharma, medical and life sciences sectors. At The SGNY Group, we understand healthcare. Our teams possess a high level of expertise in all forms of healthcare communications and can create any type of healthcare video for your company or your client.

In our visually oriented society, people have short attention spans. Even important information about healthcare issues must be communicated in as succinct a way as possible in order to engage the audience. Video is the most compelling medium in use across our digitally connected society. In fact, studies show that a large number of users will stop and view a video while ignoring lines of ‘boring’ text.

Communicate Important Information Simply

The SGNY Group understands healthcare messaging and how to present healthcare content clearly and simply for a wide range of audiences.

We have experience producing:

Your audience, the information to be shared and how the video will be used will all determine how a healthcare video must be crafted. The healthcare video team at The SGNY Group can work with your company to produce video resources tailored for every audience and for use across a variety of mediums. Just view some of our samples to see the wide variety of medical videos we have produced for our clients.

Let the experienced healthcare video professionals at The SGNY Group in New York City produce your important healthcare videos. Contact us today for more information or to arrange a consultation. We are New York’s premier healthcare communications agency.

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Our Client Reviews

The SGNY Group


Based on 7 reviews

Rachel Cohen

I have worked with SGNY for more than 2 years and am a devoted client. Steve and his crew have produced nearly 50 videos for our law firm. The quality is fantastic and Steve is responsive, creative, and thoughtful. Even facing challenging deadlines, he produces tremendous work product. Highly recommend using SGNY for your next video project.

Tom Jones

I've worked with the pros at SGNY for more than 25 years. Their professional, reliable service is unlike any other marketing services provider. I especially appreciate and value very much how innovative they are with technique and production. Highly recommend.

Karoline Sieber

Steve Gold was my primary contact at SGNY. They created several short videos for our business. The videos are professionally done and I'm so happy with them. Steve was very responsive to my emails, the turnaround for edits was quick, and they were all around wonderful to work with. Highly recommend SGNY for your video production needs.

Fern Mallis

I'm a big fan of SGNY Group....I have worked with Steve Gold and his team for many many years and they have always produced a perfect video...well edited and getting whatever message I need out there. I highly recommend them!!

John Oleary

I have and continue to work with SGNY for a number of years. They are creative, responsive, time sensitive and extremely talented. Steve Gold, who runs the company is extremely approachable, knowledgeable and skilled. They are a pleasure to work with.

Fern Lazar

Steve and his team are master magicians when it comes to producing award-winning work. As if that wasn't enough, he works with you to deliver on time and on budget even against the most stringent timelines.